Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miss Cate Turns 3!!!

And Scott didn't think we would survive her 2's....
Well, today we begin the adventure of the 3's. More attitude, less listening, sass, spunk, school (holla!)...I can't wait to see what else is in store for Miss Cate!
Each year, I write a letter to my kids on their birthday and put it in their baby book for them to read when they're older. I will highlight a few things I will be writing to Cate...
~at 36 months, you weigh a whopping 29 pounds~your favorite place to lounge is on the back of the couch with your favorite dog Murphy~you still love being naked. I have no idea why you are so comfortable wearing only socks all day long, but whatever. I gave up on this months ago~ you hate having your hair combed and cut. This drives me crazy. Your dad will remind you of this when you are one day asking for $100+ haircuts~you call your brothers "my boys". It's really the cutest thing ever!~you sleep with me and your daddy every night, smack-dab in the middle of our bed...and have since you were 2.5 days old~"I have a see-wee-us pwoblem" is your most used phrase. You always have problems :) ~your brothers still dote on you and they think you are the funniest, prettiest, most precious thing ever~lately you talk a lot about witches and monsters. Your favorite story to retell over and over again is "the big bad wolf"~when you were playing hide-and-seek with your brothers and you were "it", you counted to ten in Spanish...such a show-off :)~you are still a rockstar sleeper!!
Now a look-back at her past birthdays:

Happy Birthday to the happiest, sweetest, most-perfect girl we have :p.


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