Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mickey's Magic

On Thursday, I took Brady and Cate to Mickey's Musical Magic Show at the Chaifetz Arena. (Ben had basketball and Scott had Carter's highschool registration..yikes!) Grandma Vineta gave us the tickets and it was our first time going to a show like this. Cate enjoyed all of the shows at Disneyworld, so I knew she would love this too. And she did! She sat in her seat the entire time and hung on every word being said. I could tell she really "got it" because she clapped at the right times and knew when to yell "abracadabra"! Brady really liked it too...but neither of us could figure out how they did any of the magic tricks!
This hat came with Brady's cotton candy...Cate wore it the ENTIRE show

Brady finally got it back..on the ride home :)

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Adriane said...

Looks like a great time! LOVE the hat!