Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Nothing too exciting going on around here. 70 degrees today...hooray! I'll just post some pictures since I have nothing to say. (I realize that 99% of my pictures lately {or always?} are of Cate. Yes, I have three other kids, but all they're up to is XBOX, MTV, and fighting. No great photo opportunities there)
Givin' the business to Brady
First flips of 2011
Aunt Meme and Uncle Joe bought Cate a trunk full of dress up clothes for her birthday...she loves them!

She calls this flapper dress her "dance pwincess dress". Scott calls it her "hooker dress". She wears it all the time...

Grace and Gabby loved playing dress up too!

Our nephew, Jon, turned 16 on Sunday! Scott originally thought we'd wait til summer to let the boys ride with Jon but just a few hours after passing his driving test, he picked them up for a spin! Today, he and Carter cruised around town and of course stopped by Burger King. 10 and 2 Jon and NO CELL PHONE!

Delaney, Cate, and Harper had a great time playing at Jon's party. This picture cracks me up because Delaney looks so huge! Crazy camera angle is to blame. All three girls are exactly one year apart...4...3...2 :) We're excited for Harper's birthday party this weekend.

That's all I've got...nothing too exciting. This weekend is packed full of fun, soccer, trivia night, Grammy's bday, Harpers bday, and we're getting a new washer and dryer (Praise the Lord). Maybe I'll get a few pictures of the boys...maybe not.

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