Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week Review

Cate came down with a pretty vicious cough and fever last Thursday. By Friday night, she was coughing non-stop and her breathing had become labored. I called the doctors exchange at 10pm and they told us to head to Children's Hospital. Uncle Josh was here within minutes to sit with the boys while we were gone (he's a pro at this. Reminds me of the time my water broke at midnight and he got "the call". I'm sure he was thrilled to walk into the kitchen as I was leaking amniotic fluid EVERYWHERE. Ahh, good times). Anyway, the ER waiting room was packed with kids that sounded just as terrible as Cate. After a few hours of waiting (five less than the second time Brady needed stitches), we were called back and the nurse immediately noticed Cate was "retracting" when she took a breath. Each time she inhaled, you could see her ribs on her back because she was working so hard. The doctor came in and ordered chest x-rays. Cate did great and cooperated with all of the nurses and doctors during each procedure. The x-rays showed pneumonia in her lungs. Once we were home, she slept most of the day and the medicine has made a huge difference. Monday was her follow-up appt and everything sounded great. We are soooo ready for spring :)

Poor sick baby Cate in the waiting room. I can't believe I forgot my camera and had to use my phone to take pictures.

Scott breaking his neck trying to watch Sportscenter in our hospital room

On Monday night, Brady and Ben had two soccer games. They won both and are undefeated going into the last game next Monday. This is a picture of Brady and Josh between games. They are the best of friends. On Sunday, Brady got to hang out at Josh's house for 10 hours..his first time going to a friends house without Bennett!

Today is Bennett's President presentation. He is Franklin D. Roosevelt, (which I'm sure you guessed from the picture!) He had to research and write a speech to read in front of the class. Then the entire 3rd grade will walk through every classroom in the school, showing off their costumes (the girls chose a First Lady to research) and giving facts about their President. Cate is so ready for swim season. She wore her suit and flip-flops all night last night. She even packed her swim bag with towels and pool toys (including Brady's construction goggles). I think we'll have to work in a trip to the Y this weekend.
Brady and Scott got their heads shaved

That's about all the excitement going on around here. Baseball season starts Monday, so I'm mentally preparing myself for that. And Carter's outdoor soccer starts next weekend...pray for warm weather!!!

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