Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Days of Summer

Summer has arrived! Scott and the kids are off til August! Paddlers has opened! Let the fun begin!

Friday morning, we met our friends Alex and Lisa and their son Harrison at the zoo.

Harrison is just 12 weeks older than Cate, but so much bigger! Of course his dad is like 6'4" and Cate's dad, not :)
This was Cate's favorite part of the trip. "Oh gosh...Birdy eat frog...Birdy eat frog!!!"

Bennett at the GC Warriors highschool regional baseball game (they won..both!) He has a bug bite under his left eye that has left him looking like he has a black eye.

Cate playing checkers (against herself) at Cracker Barrel. She won.

Heading to Paddlers for the first swim of the season.

You know you're spoiled when your teenage brother AND his friend will play Dora the Explorer with you in the baby pool.

I also ran my second 5K this weekend. It was rough! I actually ran a better time than my first 5K, but it was so much harder! Heat and humidity are no fun to run in. I'm running again in two weeks...should be even hotter..ugh.

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