Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Brady graduated from preschool on Monday. I was devastated. I absolutely love his school and his teacher, Mrs. Biewald, is the best ever. He is very excited to be moving on to kindergarten because he gets to walk home every day with Bennett (this does not thrill Bennett). Brady is going to miss his friends Drake, Blake, and Zack...they had the best time together!
This is a picture of Brady on his very first day of preschool...August 2008

And his last day of preschool....May 2010

Cate was ready to walk Brady to his class for the last time...she will be so happy to have him home! She always takes her backpack and puts it in his locker, plays in his classroom for a few minutes, and then gets her stuff back out of his locker.

Receiving his diploma!

Cate was so excited to hug him after his class finished singing their songs
Drake and Brady enjoying some cookies

Miss Kathy, Brady, and Mrs. Biewald

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Adriane said...

Congratulations, Brady!!! Sniff, sniff!