Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Got Nothing

Summer of 2010 is totally kicking my ass. I think the sun is frying my brain cells and I'm in a creative rut. And laundry rut. And grocery shopping rut. get the picture. Nothing is getting done. Our schedule looks something like this....wake up around 9:30ish, do nothing til pool opens at 1....swim til game/practice/soccer/dinner....pool til 9. It's a hard-enough-life, I know. Cate puts on her floaties around 11:00am and wears them til the pool opens.
Her favorite accessory
Playing at Bennett's baseball tournament. Thankfully, there is a playground directly behind his field and I can watch the game while she plays.

Can her hair get any whiter?!

Crazy days=tired babies.
We haven't seen much of Carter since schools been out. He is way too cool to hang with his family. He does end up at the pool every afternoon, but he stays far away from us (until he needs money!) Our baseball club is hosting this weekends tournament, so Scott and I have had lots of volunteer duties. We're both exhausted. I'm hoping everything slows way down after this weekend. I'm not sure I can handle an entire summer at this speed :)

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