Saturday, May 15, 2010

Washed Out Week

It has rained all week. My flowers love it, however, my kids/husband...not so much. We have had eight baseball games and four soccer games canceled in the last six days. Today, we could take it no more. And even though it was still raining, we headed to Fitz's rootbeer for lunch and a quick walk through the zoo. Cate loved hopping in every puddle...I had to change her pants twice :) Carter didn't make it to bed til after 3am so he was still comatose when I tried to wake him up at 11am (ahhh, to be 12 again!).....he ended up going bowling this afternoon with his friends. Cate making a hood out of her sweater

Luckily we found a hooded jacket in the car. Those were her first pair of pants that fell victim to puddle jumping.

She's still very enthralled with the naked mole rats. She gets her face right next to the window and studies them for a long time, then she bangs her hand on one of their windows, and marches off!

The Stingray exhibit is open for the season and the boys were excited to pet the stingrays. It also happened to be feeding time, so for a mere buck, you could buy a cup of fish/shrimp to feed the stingrays.

Bennett got the first cup of food, but after realizing he had to hold them in his hand while the stingray ate out of his palm, he decided to hand over feeding duties to Brady (who was more than happy to show everyone how its done)

Lay your palm flat and then use your fingers to hold fish into place. Keeping your hand flat, dunk your hand in the water and then rays will swim up and eat the food right out of your hand.

After the stingrays, Cate had quite the conversation with this ape. I assume it was male because every time Cate started in on him, he would roll his eyes, or start throwing straw in the air....kinda like "I give up! of course you're right! you're always right!" She really enjoyed this and then was ready to say her goodbyes and move on.

This is Classic Bennett. He is the true champion of car sleeping. Before we were even out of Forest Park, Bennett was sound asleep.

Tomorrow morning, I am running in my very first 5K run....please PRAY FOR RAIN :) I'll update when it's over

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Rudd Family said...

You'll have to pick up Mo Willem's book Nake Mole Rat Gets Dressed for Cate.