Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Am A Runner *update*

My official race time posted on the website was 38:51!!!
It's true. I am. Today, I ran my first 5k. And when I say I ran, I mean, I ran the entire thing. Start to finish. All 3.1 miles I DID IT! Well, except for about thirty seconds when I had to walk because I was trying to change songs on my IPOD while running up a huge hill (Cahokia Mounds size at least).

When I started the "Couch to 5k" running program, I thought that I'd be ready for my first race by September. Peer pressure from a certain preschool teacher had me, Candi, Jen, and Carrie all running way before I thought I was ready. Scott told me from the beginning that I am too competitive and stubborn to not run the entire thing and he was right (I hate when that happens...thank goodness it's rare). The race was for Girls on the incredible program aimed to teach self-respect and healthy living for preteen girls. There were literally thousands of people there and we lined up at the very end of the line. Something I won't do next time. When we finally crossed the starting line, some runners were already half a mile ahead and yet our official time started when the race started...adding a few minutes to our time. We crossed the finish line at 42 minutes, which I think is damn good for our first time!

The pink and green balloons marked the starting line. Parents who weren't running were standing around to see their girls off and we had a hard time running around was so crowded!

Runners as far as the eye could see!

Who knew my lucky number is 3693?! I told Scott I want to be buried in my race tshirt!

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