Saturday, May 22, 2010

Annie's Graduation

Today, our niece Annie, graduated highschool. Seems like we've been celebrating Ann a lot lately....Prom...May Carousel...Senior Night...Graduation. Anyway, it was the perfect morning for a senior graduation and all of "Ann's Fans" were there to cheer her on.
You didn't think I'd have an entire post for Annie without a picture of Cate, did you??

Waiting to walk across the stage

"I did it! Didn't trip AND they pronounced my name right!!!"
Me and Jen with Annie...the best aunts ever! When Jen and I were sophmores in highschool, we introduced her brother to my sister and they ended up getting married!! So, not only are we best friends, we're also Aunts to Annie and Jon :)

The boys and Jake

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