Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fish Tales

Today we took the kids to Aunt "Kaffy" and Uncle Kenny's new weekend getaway. They bought a lot in a campground and have a nice lakeside retreat to relax at on the weekends. There are several ponds throughout the campground and the clubhouse has an inground pool and playground. The boys really love being there and they expect to spend a lot of time there this summer :) We fished at three different ponds and everyone caught a ton of fish...which makes it way more fun. Cate caught the first and Brady the most. Scott, Kenny, and Jon were kept busy re-baiting and freeing fish from hooks.

Cate thought her fish was "stinky yucky" and when Scott threw it back in the water she kept saying "where my fishy go?"

Brady won't touch the fish yet...thankfully Jon is very patient and willing to do the dirty work for him!
Brady, Bennett, Jon, and Josh
Scott was too busy with the boys poles to get to fish much himself...he doesn't seem real thrilled with this catch :)

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