Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We celebrated the first half of Mother's Day at Bennett's baseball tournament in Jacksonville. His team was 3-1, losing the Championship game by three runs. The boys played great and it turned out to be a really nice day. After the final game, we headed home (1.5 hours) and had dinner at my mom's to celebrate, not only Mother's Day, but also Bennett's birthday (3rd time) and mine too! Bennett got an extra special surprise when Annie made arrangements for Ben's hero Jake D. to make an appearance. Jake plays highschool baseball and has signed to play for Louisville..although there is talk that he will be drafted in the first five rounds of the major league draft...Ben is in awe :) Bennett's class made Mother's Day flowerpots...I love it!

Cate loves her new sandals and Delaney, Claire, and Harper have inspired her to wear hairbows!

My favorite flowers have bloomed...too bad they only last two weeks.

On Friday, Brady was playing baseball in the backyard while his brothers were still in school. I love spying on him while he plays...he's so animated! He fills that wheelbarrow up with baseballs, pitches them into the net, and then hits them back into the yard...over and over again. I watched him call his "infield" onto the mound to have a pep talk...he even held his glove over his mouth to keep the other team from hearing his words ;)

Ben chose these flowers to represent his baseball colors!

Coach Brad gave each boy a red rose to give to their moms after the first game..

Carter even made the trek with us...although it will probably be the last time. Cate hounded him the entire time to play on the playground and she followed him everywhere!!

Our team may finish 2nd, but they are the best dressed team around...complete with matching bags, helmets, two uniforms, and shoes

Receiving his trophy after the game. We are going to re-do the boys room this summer to add some shelving for their trophies, medals, and ribbons. (More crap to dust, I know)

My dads garden is starting to bloom!

Bennett LOVES his new glove...thanks Mau Mau and Papa!

Playing catch with Jake. They hung out for over two hours :)

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Adriane said...

Love all the pics!!! Hope you had a great day!