Friday, May 14, 2010


Last week, I received a letter in the mail addressed To The Parents of Carter. Ugh. Not again. However, rather than notice of afterschool detentions, cafeteria fees, or overdue books, it was a letter inviting him to join his schools National Honor Society. Fo' real. Yes, I checked the address on the envelope....three times... and it was definitely addressed to Carter. His reaction to the letter?? Mortification! But, too damn bad...we forced him to fill out the application. In six short days, he'll graduate from 7th to 8th grade...big man on campus next year (and I'm definitely not referring to his height). Oh, and his teacher assignment for 8th grade? Scott. Uh huh, he and his buddies are all going to have Mr. Smallie for Science and Literature. Lord help me. I'm hoping when if they argue in class, they don't resort to mimicking each other or fighting for who gets the last word like they do at home...could make for a very entertaining year for the rest of the class :) Not-so-proudly displaying his letter. He thinks that NHS=nerdy.

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