Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Very Long Week

This week seemed like the longest week ever. Yet, as I sit here, I can't believe it's already Saturday night! I'm in a funk and I'm having a hard time pulling myself out of it. I swear I've had more anxiety attacks in the last few days than I've ever had. I have gotten all of the holiday decorations out, but we have yet to buy a tree. Maybe the smell of fresh pine will put me in the Christmas mood! Brady was sick all week and stayed home four days. Not super sick..he threw up once every 24 hours...just enough to have to stay home. And he really hates to miss school. He was so bored and sat in our driveway everyday during his classes lunch hour so he could watch his friends play (that's how close we live to school!) made him so sad :( Thankfully, he's 100% better now and looking forward to a full week of school (and so am I!)

In other news, Cate has mastered the backwards sommersault unassisted! Woohoo!

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