Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun

We decided to switch things up this Halloween. There is really no reason behind the changes...I guess we just wanted something different. So, on the 30th, we trick-or-treated with the Cochran's in their neighborhood (their city does the Halloween thing the night before). Cate finally came to the decision to be Cinderella. It was a toss up between Cinderella, Belle, a kitty cat, or a bunny. Aunt Meme bought her the gown for her birthday last winter and Aunt Fran bought her a pair of light-up glass slippers...satin gloves and a wand finished the outfit. Cate and I had a little disagreement in the middle of Party City over whether or not she needed a Cinderella wig. I probably would have caved had her argument been a little bit stronger however,"I just weally need yellow hair for my costume" did not work for me. No need for explanation right? I mean, Cinderella would die for Cate's natural color :) Brady chose to be a Blues hockey player so he could rollerblade from house to house. He received so many compliments on his outfit!!!! Delaney, Cate, and Harper trick-or-treating

Cate and Harper were so cute together! They're the wild opposed to Delaney who is the more mature calm lil lady :)


On Monday, Cate had her class party. She was excited that Hadley and I planned to stay. I figured we'd stay as long as Hadley was content and obviously she was content, she slept the entire time!

I brought in bowls of apples, bananas, and grapes for the kids to make fruit kabobs. Should not surprise me that Cate made hers using a pattern. Everything with her is a pattern...colors on her paper, chairs lined up, and her dolls are always lined up by hair color.

Her favorite activity was pounding golf tees into a pumpkin with a hammer. Such concentration!

Mrs. Biewald (Cate's teacher) and Candi sported the same festive shirt! I hope they let me in their club for the Christmas party!


On Halloween night, we headed back up to E'ville for their annual parade. You know the Smallie's love a good parade! It was a lot of fun, the kids loved it, and I was impressed with alot of the floats. We ran into Brady's soccer buddy Chase and decided to sit with his family. Their seats were close to the start of the parade and very close to our car so we knew we could make a quick getaway...with 1000's of people in attendance, the perfect parking spot and exit route were very important to Scott!

Bennett, Devin, Brady, and Chase waiting for the parade to start.

The Parkers have five kids. Scott and I always laugh about how we seem to gravitate towards other large families. Besides having so much in common with parents of 3+ kids, the kids themselves are so comfortable and tolerant of siblings! So important when you have little sisters who want to butt their way into the middle :)

Cinderella's castle. Not quite Disney, but a good preview of what's to come in a few months! (70 days to be exact)

When we got home from the parade, Cate was so excited to see kids still trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. She stood in the doorway and yelled "Come to Cate Smallie's house cause I'm the greatest!" Scott and I thought this was hilarious and very disturbing

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