Saturday, November 19, 2011

5k Run!

Brady made his 5k race debut yesterday and he rocked it!! Our school district held their 2nd Annual 5k fun run and this year Scott and Brady decided to do it. This was also Scott's race debut...even though he runs 3+ mornings a week, he's never entered a race and he was pretty nervous about it. I was nervous about Brady running because even though he is the energizer bunny, he has never run 3.1 miles consecutively and that's a long way for 7 year old legs!!!


Carter's friend Zach ran with Brady the entire time and Scott was so thankful he was there! Zach was very encouraging to Brady and motivated him to keep the pace :) No way Brady was going to back down in front of one of Carter's friends!!
My parents, sister, and nephew joined me, Cate and Bennett at the track to cheer on the boys. We watched the start, then walked over to the park to watch them finish their first mile, and then headed back to the track to watch them cross the finish line.
Candi's son Hunter placed 3rd in the 10 & under division! He did awesome!

When they entered the track they sprinted the last lap...the wind was brutal and they ran the last 100m with it right in their unfair!!

Crossing the finish line in 32 minutes!!! Brady received 4th place in the 10 & under division. Woohoo!!!

As soon as the race was over, we took Brady home to change clothes and then we were off to his soccer game. It was soooo cold and windy but his entire team played a really great game. Last one of the season, holla!
After the game, Brady went home with his friend Chase and then to Chase's birthday party. We picked him up at 8:00 last night and when we got home, he cleaned his room for over an hour. I would seriously give anything to have 1/4 of the energy he has!!!!

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