Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

This year our school district gave the kids the entire week off for Thanksgiving. Parent/Teacher conferences were Mon-Tues so Scott had to work, but he was then off the next five days. I really enjoyed having this break and hope they continue to do it for at least the next 15 years :) It was a crazy busy week for us, but they all are, and at least I didn't have to worry about making school lunches and getting up before 9!


Tuesday night, Scott and the boys had 5th row seats for the STL Blues game (thanks Fran!) They were all very excited and I received text messages from people saying they were on the jumbo-tron several times. I dvr'd the game and they were able to replay it and pick themselves out of the crowd throughout the entire game. Ben was especially impressed with his "power-play dance" that the camera man captured for the world to see :) Cate and I stayed home and watched Barney's Christmas!

Brady and Carter were both in a turkey bowl indoor 3v3 soccer tournament Mon-Wed. Between the two of them, they played 7 games....which gave Cate plenty of time to play in the huge playground. Brady's team played awesome and won the championship game! (Carter's team...didn't. ha!)

Rather than hand out trophies or medals, each player had CHAMPIONS printed on the back of their tournament shirt. Soooo much better than adding another dust collector to our house!


On Thanksgiving, we hosted 26 of our nearest and dearest. Two 25 lb birds were roasted and everything was delish! It was my first time having Thanksgiving at our house and it really turned out great *HUGE sigh of relief!* We even got the good china and silverware out for the occasion...fancy :) Big shout out to my mom who made the second turkey, dressing, cranberries, gravy, tea, etc.....she pretty much catered the entire affair. And we kept the

I wish they sold candles that smell like Thanksgiving dinner!

Cate enjoying a nice glass of water and turkey while reading the Black Friday ads!


We made a thankful tree for our dining room....I posted my tag earlier, here are the others....



(Brady)(Carter...he may or may not have been home when we did these)(Cate)***************************************************************
We had some great weather over the break and the kids were able to play outside A LOT!

Carter giving Jack a ride on Jack's psycho-cycle

I'm not much of a Black Friday shopper but I did stay up til midnight and was able to get the three things that I wanted online...all at "doorbuster" prices and free shipping. Friday afternoon, I ran into Target and they actually had a few more things that were on my shopping list..I couldn't believe how much stock was left on their advertised "hot items".

Saturday we took the kids to The Mills for a little bit. Cate played on the playground while I ran into a few stores. Cabela's aquarium held their attention for awhile too
And finally today, the kids had their pictures taken. Their behavior was surprisingly stellar and Carol commented 4+ times on how awesome they were and how easy it was to get great shots. I can't wait to see the proofs next week...I just need one good one for the Christmas card!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! 28 days til Christmas!!!!

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