Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Need Space!

The bedrooms/sleeping arrangements in our home are becoming ridiculous! Six people in a three-bedroom house was at one time do-able for us, but lately, things have been spiraling out of control. Until Cate came along, everything was smooth sailing....Bennett and Brady shared a room, Carter had his own, and we had ours. As with everything else post 2-8-08, our content sleeping situation became chaotic. We moved all three boys into one room and set Cate up in the 3rd bedroom. However, we co-sleep with our babies until another is born, so in reality, Cate has never slept in her room. NEVER! Well, maybe twice in the last six months, but that's it. At some point, we moved things around and now Brady sleeps in Cate's room, Ben and Carter share theirs, and Scott, Cate and I live in ours :) And to put it mildly, we're all WAY OVER this set-up. Carter and Bennett are at each others throats most of the time (Bennett has to fall asleep with the tv on and Carter wants it pitch black), Brady has become a hoarder and he has organized crap all over Cate's room which drives me crazy, and Scott and I are done with having kids in our bed. Cate is the only one still thrilled with the arrangements :) Lately, Scott and I have been brain-storming to figure out what we can do to better this situation. Our basement is finished, but it's just one huge tv/play room. So, we've decided, with the consent of the boys, that we will create two "bedrooms" downstairs, and Ben and Carter will move down there, then Cate and Brady can have their own rooms. BUT, we're not sold on Carter and Ben's enthusiasm, so we're hesitant to do anything permanent with the walls, etc (other than installing an egress window..a must-have). I have been scouring pinterest and other resources trying to find a visual of what we need and I think I have finally found it. Makeshift walls created with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and curtains. Insert exhibit A:

Source: via Debbie on Pinterest

Ben and Carter could each have their own space and we would still have plenty of room for the two couches, three tvs/gaming systems and toys. IKEA (roadtrip!) sells bookcase systems on the cheap and also carries room dividing drapes/suspension systems that I think would work well. We're hoping to get things going on it after our Disney trip in January. Keep your fingers crossed that Ben and Carter haven't killed each other by then and that Cate will go along with the plan!!!!!

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Jen said...

Love it! I'll go on a road trip to IKEA with you!