Monday, November 28, 2011


Cate's teacher couldn't wait to tell me this after school today.....

In class, they were talking about what makes them happy and sad and here are Crazy Cate's answers:

What makes me happy? daddy

What makes me sad?....when my mom won't let me puke on the floor

Um, yeah. Miss Christi knew there had to be a good story to go along with this and there is, I was just too embarrassed to tell her! But what the hell, here goes (warning:kinda gross story).... Last night, after consuming an absurd amount of non-healthy food (raw cookie dough for dinner? umm hmm), Brady threw up in the living room. Just stood up and puked everywhere. He then walked into the foyer and puked ALL OVER the coat rack...drenching every single coat including my beloved Coach cashmere scarf!!!!! Scott and I had the same reaction...we were both pissed! Together, we set off on a 15 minute lecture about how ridiculous it is that our kids can't ever make it to the bathroom and to "quit puking on the floor!!". Obviously, we are not very sympathetic parents, but come on, you know when you're going to get sick and at least some sort of attempt needs to be made to run to the bathroom. (on a side note, I do find it hilarious that we can lecture and clean up barf as if it's no big deal...just another day in paradise). As usual, Cate was paying closer attention than we assumed which made for another great "Smallie story" to amuse her teachers. Never a dull moment.......

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