Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brady's 7th Birthday

Today, October 1, is Brady's 7th birthday! However, he celebrated yesterday at school (he came home from school and said it drove him crazy that everyone kept saying Happy Birthday to him all day long....even the teachers. I asked him how they knew it was his birthday and he said "Cause I wore my birthday crown all day." HA! Sounds like he really hated the attention!!) and our family party will be tomorrow after soccer/baseball. So, today was a day with nothing on the calendar...holla! Cate and I did pick up his cake, which she has pretty much already destroyed by digging her fingers into the frosting. (It now looks like we're saying Happy Birthday to a bra :p ) This afternoon, Brady left with his best buddy Jack to head to Jacks grandpas farm. They rode a zip line, fished, bonfire...all the things that boys love to do. Bennett, Scott, Cate, and I went to Cracker Barrell to celebrate Brady's birthday without him. It was a lot quieter than normal :) So throughout the entire day, I only saw him for a few minutes but I'm glad I was able to snap at least one birthday picture. More to come tomorrow!

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