Monday, October 17, 2011

Homecoming Dance

On Saturday, Carter attended his first highschool Homecoming Dance. He decided he didn't want to wear a suit coat and instead chose a vest...which I think was a great choice. He looked fabulous :) Because boys are useless, he had no idea what his plans were for before the dance until the day of and that drove me crazy! He met up with 1100 other kids at the park at 3pm for pictures, then he went with a group to the Country Club for dinner (Scott and I joined six other parents for dinner in the downstairs grill) and then the kids headed to the highschool for the dance.

Scott had to google "how to tied a neck tie" right before we left. HA!

This picture cracks me up. I know there are three years between these two, but come on, how unfair is this? When Carter calls me after school and says he's with Brant, I have to laugh at the image of these two driving through town... My nephew Jon also attended the dance. Here he is with his favorite little ladies....Cate, Harper, and Delaney
This picture is classic!Carter said the dance was "the best night of his life" and I'm so glad he had such a great time. Afterwards, I took him home and he changed and then a friend (senior girl, ahem) picked him up and took him to a party. I know, I know....I can hardly talk about it. But, she's in student council with him and I asked his student council rep that ran the dance about it and she said she trusted the group he was with. Bottom line...we both survived the night. Which brings me to a little rant:

Student Council parents were asked to volunteer during the dance. I accepted the challenge and was assigned to the drink table. Luckily, I "worked" with a couple other awesome moms who made the night super fun (Michelle is seriously the funniest person ever). We poured 2000 drinks in three hours. I have blisters on my thumb from opening 2L's of soda. Being on the front line of a highschool dance as an adult was very traumatic for me. The tears, Good Lord, the tears that were shed in that cafeteria made me crazy! Girls sobbing at tables and, I kid you not, one girl literally had to be supported by her friends before she fell to the ground hysterical. I wanted to walk over and slap that girl right across the face. My speech would have gone something like this..."Are you f#@$ing kidding me? You are in highschool...the best years of your life. Why in the hell are you wasting one of the best nights lying on this disgusting floor in your too tight dress crying over some loser that you aren't even going to remember in five years? Do you know who should be crying? Me and the other moms working the shitty soda table. That's right! We are mere shells of the fun-I-love-life girls that we used to be at your age because our kids have sucked the life right out of us. So, do me a favor...get your pathetic butt up and go dance with every guy in that gym that will look past your tear destroyed ugly face and give you a chance. DO IT FOR US!" She'll one day look back and realize what an idiot she was (for both crying and going out in public in a hideous dress). So, there wasn't much I could do for her besides make fun of her with the other moms. I know I sound terrible, and I am, but come on, she was obviously doing it for the attention and now I've given her way too much of mine. Damn. My point is...well, I don't know what my point is...but I did have a fun time watching all of the kids file into the cafeteria sweating like crazy from tearing up the dance floor. And I look forward to next year when we graduate from the drink table to the coat-check table. Woohoo! Overall it was a very successful night!!

(and in reality, it's probably just me, not the other moms, who feel so far removed from the free-spirited teenagers that crowded that cafeteria. I'm just going to pretend they feel the same as me because it makes me feel better!)

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