Monday, October 24, 2011


On Saturday, we attended the Relleke's annual Coolidge Staff hayride/bonfire. The kids love going out into the pumpkin patch after dark and having to use flashlights to find their way. Funny story about the hayride....Oliver was in charge of Cardinal game updates and when we left for the hayride, Cards were up 1-0. Five minutes into the ride, he announced we were losing 2-1. Everyone was deflated until he said that he accidentally looked up the score from the previous game and the Cardinals were actually winning 4-0! Ha! I think Scott was about to throw himself in front of the tractor!!

Rob let the boys pile pumpkins under the tractors tires and watch them blow up when he ran them over. They're still talking about it :)

Our very own pumpkin patch! We're going to carve tonight....

Scott is allergic to hay but insisted on going on the hayride because he doesn't like to miss anything that has to do with the kids. Of course he had a pretty bad reaction when we got back to the house and we ended up having to leave because he could hardly breathe. After a dose of medicine he was feeling better and was happy to watch the final innings of the most amazing baseball game from the comfort of his own couch :) GO CARDS!

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