Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a wild and crazy day for us. 2 baseball games, 2 soccer games, and we hosted 25 people at our house for Brady's birthday. Honestly, the only thing that saved me was that all four games were played in the same park. Yes, a mile walk away from each other, but still in the same park!

Brady's team does not have a permanent goalie so they all take turns. After the game, he said "I can't believe how great I played in goal. I had no idea I was that good" His self-esteem issues have me worried ;)

At 5:00, everyone met back at our house to celebrate Brady's 7th birthday.
It was the year for shoes (3 pairs) and sunglasses (4 pairs). Ask and you shall receive!

Of course Brady loved the crazy glasses from Bau Bau!

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