Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Brady played in a soccer tournament last weekend in O'fallon. His first game on Saturday was at 8:45am...boo. His second game was at 12:30 so we were at the fields until 2:00. After the games, we headed straight to the pumpkin farm. When we finally got home, 9 hours later, we were all exhausted and everyone was in bed and asleep by 8:30. That's a record for us!!!

Brady played great this weekend! His team keeps improving each week, the parents are great, and he absolutely loves his coach. Win/Win/Win!
Cutest. Team. Ever.
Luke, Brady, Chase

Carter was working at the pumpkin farm for Student Council and I was happy to finally get a group picture of all four kids. Until he walked out of the haunted barn like this..... Fail!

On Sunday, Brady had another soccer game and Bennett had a double header at the same park. Cate finally got her wish and was able to wear her swim suit for the water park! 85 degrees in the middle of October...who woulda thought?!

The complex is huge with lots of sidewalks and Brady thought ahead (not shocking) and packed two scooters. He and his buddy J-Dog had the best time.
Sunday night, we celebrated cousin Reece's 6th birthday. It was one very full weekend. Monday was a holiday and I have no pictures to share of our activities...because we did NOTHING! It was lovely :)
This week is Homecoming Week at the highschool! Parade, Powder Puff Football, Bonfire, Football Game, Pep Rally, and Scott and I get to chaperone the dance on Friday night!

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