Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homecoming Week

Last week was Homecoming for the highschool. Each day was dedicated to a different theme. Tuesday was tie-dye day and I made a trip to Baxter's in search of a few groovy things. FYI, Baxter's in Alton has every party supply you could possibly need...very overwhelming but in a good way...I love it :)

I only took a picture on Tuesday because the other days were boring....pajama day, casual day, and school spirit day on Friday. Of course the kids loved being 'uniform-free' for a few days!

Tuesday was also Carter's last soccer game of the season...holla! Ben was in charge of game-time photography and obviously loves his new shoes (he has been fired for all future events)

After the soccer game, we headed to the Homecoming Parade. ROAST THE REDBIRDS!

Nicholas and Brady waiting for the parade to start

Cate was patiently waiting for the band and firetrucks!

Annie and Cody...aka CJ SKILLZ I...aka the 2nd greatest, 2nd coolest, 2nd most awesomest guy in the whole world (2nd only to Scott Smallie of course)
Carter was representin' Student Council. I bought him 200 beaded necklaces to throw out and told him exactly where we would be standing so he could throw a few to Cate and the boys. He, of course, was on the opposite side of the trolley and totally missed us. I was so mad!
There were some very creative floats!

The football team threw out Warrior footballs and the kids were all lucky enough to catch one (thanks Aunt Kathy!)

The boys loved their new tshirts and were proud to wear them while cheering the Warriors to a big football victory Friday night!!!

Saturday was the dance and Carter had "the best night of his life". It deserves an entire post of it's own :) I was asked to work the dance, which sounds awesome, but in reality I was stuck (with some very awesome ladies) working the drink line. I poured 2000+ sodas and I have the blisters to prove it....more details tomorrow!

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