Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis' The Season

On Saturday, we made our annual stop at Wild Lights at the zoo. It was freezing! Bennett and Carter chose not to go (bah-humbug), so the rest of us bundled up and headed out for a night of fun. We arrived as soon as it opened and it wasn't nearly as crowded as last year, which made for an enjoyable, laid-back visit.
Warm, fresh kettle corn hit the spot!

These are about the only animals we saw....lighted ones! Only the insectarium and the penguin house are open to walk through. It was actually 10 degrees warmer in the penguin house (45 degrees) than outside and Brady said "finally they turned on the heat for these poor penguins!" The pathways are all lit with Christmas lights and displays, there are Christmas carolers throughout, and the carousel is open and Lakeside Cafe. The kids love running through the zoo at night :)

Cate running through one of the "tunnels"

Last night we wrote letters to Santa. This is their pose with their letters. Charming isn't it?! (especially Cate's nightgown tucked into her undies) Cate's letter read "Dear Santa. I've been pretty good this year. Well, mostly. But, I'm two so expectations were low. I would like a purple baby, Minnie Mouse backpack, and a swing for my baby. See you soon!"

Today was the first day for the advent calendar. The kids woke to this note hanging on their door With four kids, Advent Calendars are a bit tricky. All of the ideas I could find only held treats for one kid and I didn't want to make four, so on days that they actually get something I leave a hint as to where it is *hiding*. Today's bags were filled with candy, gloves, and their favorite mechanical pencils.

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