Monday, December 6, 2010

Picture With Santa

Scott claims it's the weirdest tradition ever. (I think having someone-especially children-blow out candles on cakes, often spitting all over it and then everyone eats it-is the weirdest holiday tradition, but that's just me) So we took our yearly trip to Frontenac to see "ho ho". The line was loooong. And all of the other kids were dressed up hard core. Siblings in matching dresses and perfect hair and parents looking just as fine. No thanks. My kids wouldn't dress alike even if I promised them everything in Sports Authority. Of course, all of those perfectly dressed kids were the most ill-behaved children I've ever had the displeasure of hanging out with for 45 minutes. I did have to hide my smile when one little 4 year old girl -very loudly told her Gucci loafer wearing father to "shut up cause you're mean". Wahahahaha-hope Santa didn't hear that one! As for my (ahem ahem) perfect family...Cate was not loving it til after the cameras were put away and then she marched right up and told Santa that she wanted a pink 4-wheeler. What?? I have no idea where that came from. Brady loved Santa and told him he wanted his own XBOX 360 so he doesn't have to share with his which Santa said "we'll see about that"....and Bennett told him he wanted a new hockey stick and an IPOD touch. Two more things not on his original list. So, without further is our 2010 Santa picture.

Just Keepin' It Real :) Happy Holidays!

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