Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Cate is the best sleeper ever. EVER. I will put her ability to sleep long and hard up against any other kid out there. When she's out, she's out. I often vacuum during her naptime in the same room she's sleeping in. She doesn't even flinch. It's a beautiful thing really. We never have to tell the boys to be quiet, or take the phone off the hook, or hush the dogs...nothing bothers her. I take her Minnie Mouse nightgown off of her after she falls asleep, wash it, put it back on her and she has no clue. But what I'm most grateful for.....drumroll please..... she's a true champ at "the transfer". You know, transferring from car to bed while she's sleeping..or car to stroller..or bed to car to stroller to car to bed....and never waking up, which means not wasting naptime on a stupid 20 minute power nap that ruins everything! An example would be Monday when I had to pick the boys up from school (which I will soon write a rant post about). She was sleeping on the couch, I carried her to the car, she slept the entire time we waited for them, then we went to the carwash, vacuumed the car out, and when we got home I carried her back to bed and she never woke up once. Seriously, she's that good. Tonight at the highschool basketball game, she laid down on the bleachers and almost fell asleep while the band was playing four rows over. I think it's because it was actually quieter there than most of the time at home! (which is sad and why I'm always crabby..too much noise in this damn house). On school days, she sleeps through everyones showers and I am able to take Ben and Brady to school without having to load her up..Carter is here to listen for her while I'm gone-(although he's not much help when he's singing in the shower). And even lately when Gabby and Gracie are dropped off at 9, she doesn't roll out of bed til well after 9:30 and when she walks into the living room and sees her "fwinds" it's like the best surprise ever!

So there ya have it...I've been working feverishly to figure out something positive to write about Cate after my O.C.S. post...and yes, it's taken me this long to find something positive. Scott has taken to calling her PITA ( pain in the ass)...cute nickname for his 2yr old don't you think? Yesterday, I sent him a picture of Cate laying on the floor of Target reading a book..just laying on her back, legs bent, one crossed over the other, laughing and giggling at the Dora picture she was on plush carpet in front of a cozy fire. Anyway, my caption read "What are the odds that her 3's will be easier than her 2's?" His immediate reply "Not so good" Oh hell.

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