Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

How can Christmas be over already? And how did I only take 10 pictures the entire weekend? Oh well, regardless it was another great holiday!
The only picture I captured of all four kids together. And isn't it a great one?!
It was a beautiful snowy Christmas Eve

Poor Cate had to shovel snow to earn her dinner

Leaving reindeer food in the front yard (at midnight!)

This has been one of Cate's favorite gifts...a scooter!

Bennett, Josh, and Scott's legs.... watching some football

While we slaved away in the kitchen, Fran, Reece, and Cate lounged in the tub

Cate's very favorite gifts...ballet shoes and Minnie Mouse luggage (Disney bound in 15 days!)

She practices her ballerina moves ALL of the time. I'm hoping to capture her entire routine on film's hilarious! Time to sign her up for a class :)

Last night, Carter had Logan, Alec, and Zack spend the night. They decided to play in the snow at 10:30. Cate decided she needed to be with them. This is a picture of Logan pulling Cate in her sled...she laid down flat and he ran around the back yard while she laughed uncontrollably. She loves "Wogan"!!!!!

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Jen said...

I took 188 pics this weekend!