Friday, December 17, 2010

Week Review

Kinda been a slow week here at the Smallie house. Two snow days this week. One was actually for below freezing temperatures (-14 windchill). Apparently, super cold weather is bad for kids that have to ride the bus or walk to school. I generously offered to pick all of those kids up and take them myself, but my offer fell on deaf ears and I ended up with my kids and husband home all day. And an ice storm Wednesday night kept them home Thursday. Cate was you can tell in the picture below. (yes, she's naked under that comforter...she's always naked)
We took her to the dr. on Thursday (the ice wasn't that bad). We've been concerned about her lack of appetite, thinning hair, and new-found love of being lazy and naked. I love our pediatrician. He is so awesome...always takes the time to sit and listen and never rushes. And he's leaving the practice. BOO HOO. Anyway, he ordered blood work for Cate to check thyroid and iron. He also started her on vitamins. The bloodwork went much better than expected. No tears and she actually watched the needle go in and her blood fill up four tubes. But when the nurse lady put a "puh-ple" band-aid on, all hell broke loose. She screamed and kicked and completely lost it right there in the office. Ridiculous. What two-year old will sit still and watch blood being drawn from their arm, but goes crazy over a stupid purple band-aid?? Cate Smallie, that's who. Kudos to Scott for not walking out of the building and making her walk home...I know he wanted to! Tests came back today and everything looked great. Her blood platelets are a little high, but nothing he's concerned about. Could be a seasonal thing or growth spurt (which would be great..she's only gained six pounds this year(29lbs)...which is what I've gained this month) As for our Dr...with him leaving the practice, we are too. Even though there are five other drs in the office, and we've seen them all, we don't like any enough to stick around, so we're moving on. Sniff Sniff.
Today was the last day of school til 2011. Ben and Brady had class parties and I was room mother for both. Not easy being in two classrooms at the same time. Hectic, but fun. I also ran to Gus' pretzels and picked up enough for teachers and Scott's last hour class (which is also Carter's class). So now everyone is home for 17 days straight. Fa-la-la-la-friggin'-la
Brady sporting his tshirt that he made with his 3rd grade buddy-Bennett :)

Bennett sporting his tshirt that he made with his kindergarten buddy-Brady :) This is his "pod"...Cameron, Rhett, and Hunter. They had to make and agreement and sign a contract with their teacher in order to get to sit together. I'm not convinced it'll last long!

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