Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Shopping Obsession

I visit the grocery store almost every day. And I'm not exaggerating. At least six times a week. For some reason, I would much rather go every day than one huge bi-weekly trip (could be that it's my only *me time* throughout the day). I have become a varsity player in the world of groceries. I know the sale cycles and when products "bottom out" saving us lots of money. I would never pay more than $2 for a box of cereal or bag of chips...it drives Scott crazy when he goes with me. He can't understand why I refuse to buy a box of Rice Crispies when they're not on sale but I'm not going to pay $4.69 when I know the following week they'll be $1.77. I mean, we have four kids, we can't afford to overpay $2.92 for anything!
My favorite store is currently under major renovations. Still open, but complete chaos. It has been this way for months. Scott stopped in the other day during his lunch hour and then text me to ask if I was aware that they were remodeling the store. UM, HELLO??? I could not believe he asked me this. Seriously, I think if I went a week without showing up, the check-out ladies would probably call out the search party!! This reminded me of the time that we saw one of his former students at a high school event. She is also a checker at my fav store. She walked up to us and to Scott's surprise, she turned to me and asked how the kids were and if Brady was feeling better and how our weekend soccer tournament went. When we finished chatting and walked away, Scott couldn't ask fast enough how in the world I know her and how she knows about our family. Seemed so weird that he asked me this considering how much time I spend with her. Seriously, if Scott and I were to renew our wedding vows, I would consider asking her to be a bridesmaid...that's how much time I spend with her!!!! We're practically family!

And speaking of obsessions......
Brady is hog wild over hockey. Ick. For those of you that don't know...hockey is cold. And Scott and I hate cold. But he looooovvvveeesss it and Jon and Cody play (big deal, right?). He is in skates from the minute he walks in the door after school til he goes to bed. Even though he's not supposed to skate upstairs, he always has an excuse as to why he's circling the living room/dining room/kitchen over and over again. Our basement storage room looks like a locker room with a HUGE hockey bag, at least eight sticks, and enough equipment to dress an entire team. And against our better judgement, we're going to feed his obsession with new skates and a session of learn to play hockey. Like we have enough time and money for yet another sport. Eh.

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