Friday, December 3, 2010


39 days til Disney! Did I mention we're going to Disney in January? Carter's 3v3 soccer team qualified for the Kick-It World Championships held at the ESPN World Wide Sports at Disneyworld. The tournament is Friday-Monday, but we're making it a vacay and flying out at 7am Wednesday morning. Yes, that's right...Team Smallie, party of 6 is flying. I feel like I need to call ahead to the airline and ask them to send out a mass email to the other passengers to bring earplugs, liquor, and lots of patience. It could get ugly! Grammy, Aunt Fran, and Bau Bau are going too, so I'm hoping we have assigned seats and Scott and I are in the back of the plane while everyone else is in the front with more adults than kids, that the boys will be on their best behavior (I won't even mention Cate's behavior...we're counting on Benedryl to get her through the flight). We have park tickets for four days and we plan on cramming as much as we can into the six days that we're there. I'm getting super excited!!!
Carter at his 3v3 tournament last weekend (they got 2nd place). His team name is The Flying Dutchman...#5 "van der" Hall :)

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