Friday, November 12, 2010

Student Of The Week

Two weeks ago, Bennett was chosen for "Student of the Week". He got to decorate a bulletin board with pictures and his favorite things. Each day, he chose two different things to take to school to "show off". At the end of the week, his teacher asked each student to write down something about Bennett that makes him a "star". 3rd graders are very funny. Here are some of the responses....

They all start with "I think you are a STAR because....."
-you have nice shoes
-you are awesome and you are the best baseball player ever
-you let me be third place to kick in kickball
-you're very smart
-I think you're cool because you play with me
-you're nice, fun to play with , and you're very attractive (this one cracks me up!)
-you brought in cool stuff
-you are really good at kickball.

He told me that when they were getting ready to announce who the SOTW was, he "crossed fingers, legs, arms, and even my eyes" in hopes that he would be chosen! Good job Bennett...we think you're pretty cool too :)

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Adriane said...

Way to go Bennett!!!