Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was a huge success this year. It was a little iffy in the beginning, with Cate having no desire to put her costume on. Even as Brady was dressed as "Darv Vador", she still wanted nothing to do with it. And we bribed, promised, begged...finally the first trick-or-treater showed up for candy and she wanted to go out so bad, but I told her she had to have that costume on first. So, the costume made it on but with the ugly orange shirt underneath. That was not going to work for me. I had to make more promises and finally got her to put the black shirt on, then the dress back on, and then we were done! She looked so cute!!!
This picture cracks me up...Brady is leaning over but you can't see his knees or hands because of his bucket so he ended up looking not much taller than Cate!
At some point, this group of rowdy boys came by to kidnap Carter. Off they went into the darkness doing things I would rather not know about. Actually we had several reports from neighbors that the boys behavior was perfect and they all made it home in one piece.
Bennett is way over Halloween, so we were in charge of handing out candy.
We were a bit bored the first 20 minutes, so he took lots of pictures of random things.
This is his surprised face
******We had over 150 kids parade to our doorstep for candy..it was a wild night******
******Cate walked the entire block with her Minnie Mouse shoes on and now has six blisters on her feet...the price you pay for beauty******
******We made it to my parents house and even trick-or-treated around their hood and then headed to MeMe and Joe's house*******
That's where we realized the kids had not eaten anything since lunch. So, we decided to run through McD's and grab some chicken for a late night snack.
This is how Scott feels about long lines at McDonaldsHow can he be the most patient man when coaching fifteen 7/8 year olds on the baseball field, but got so crazy in McD's line that I thought his head was going to pop off???

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