Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Us!!

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. Please don't look at our children and do the math. Yes, 50% of our kids were in attendance at the wedding It is what it is :)
I found the perfect card to give Scott...and because I'm currently in an Ambien state of mind, I'll share it with you....however, I won't remember any of this in the morning.
A happy marriage is what happens while two good people are busy trying to make it through another year of paying their bills, running their errands, doing their chores, keeping sight of their dreams and, somehow, always finding the time to show how much they care.
Our life is pretty busy, and I may not always say everything that comes into my mind and heart each day, but what really matters in my world is that we are together, and however busy life may get, I don't forget that...ever.

We are crazy busy every. single. day. It's not easy high-fiving each other as he takes two kids in one direction, and me and the other two are headed the opposite way. It stinks to have so many "real" conversations through our cell phones because we are rarely face to face with enough time to talk without interruption. But, for now, this is how we roll. Kids, sports, school, coaching, sports, kids, kids, kids....and we made a very conscious decision years ago that we were going to put everything we had into the kids...even if it means very little time for us. We both agree that the more time we spend with our kids...doing things with our kids, the better off we'll all be. I think we would both agree that no matter how tired and run down we are, we wouldn't give this part of our lives up for anything. BUT....one day.... in the not so near future, the days will be ours.
When we steal time away to actually talk, our conversations always lead to "after kids". Our neighbor is selling his two seater BMW convertible and he sarcastically yelled over to Scott that it would make a great family car. Scott shot back, very seriously, "One day this driveway will only have cars with no more than two seats". Amen Scott Smallie. And I'm going to get a white couch. To me, a white couch=I've survived my kids. And that sounds heavenly!
Happy Anniversary to the best husband in the whole world (even though you wore red on red on red to our date night dinner). Here's to many many many more :)

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