Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Eve

Twas' the night before Halloween and we finally got around to carving a few of our eleven pumpkins. For the second year in a row, we saved the pumpkin seeds to roast...only to throw them away the next day. Next year we'll get it right....

One day Cate is going to be looking through her baby albums and realize that she has the Minnie Mouse jammies on in every picture for over 3 months.

Bennett is left handed but carved his pumpkin with his right hand. I find that strange.

Brady chose a white pumpkin this year. He was so proud of himself because it smelled like melon :) Scott is clearly giving me a fake smile.

Carter did not want to participate :(
Obviously these two do not have the most responsible parents
Not shocking that Bennett made a "mean pumpkin"
Cate giving Bennett her mean face (also not shocking)
Happy Halloween!!

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