Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Operation Cate Smallie is underway. I could also call it Cate vs. Mom because we're pretty much the only two players in this game. The boys give her whatever she wants and Scott has already thrown the white surrender flag. But not me. Nope, I'm going to tame this wild beast if it's the last thing I do.

1st goal: *potty training* I'm kinda unsure about this one because I know she's ready but I'm hesitant to be done with diapers before our January Disney trip. On the other hand, I'd never have to buy diapers again! She hasn't had a wet diaper overnight since February and loves wearing her undies so progress is being made. But tonight she yelled that she needed a towel and then ran to the living room and picked up poop balls with it. Two steps forward, one step back :)

Issue #2-*spoiled brat* Cate plays the role of spoiled princess very well. But, she has three older brothers, and I was mostly prepared for this. Mostly. But, damn...these boys will give her everything she asks for. Two days ago, I walked into the dining room to find all three boys sitting at the table watching the tiny tv while Cate was laying on the couch watching the big tv. No one even tries to watch their shows in the living room. This drives me crazy. And she calls them "my boys". At first I thought it was cute, but now I'm convinced that every time she says it, a spell is cast upon them. "My Bennett, get up, that's my spot" and he does!!! immediately!!! But what's really ticking me off is when Scott and I tell her 'no' and she then runs to her brothers who she knows will say 'yes'. Example: Monday night she wanted a Lunchable. We told her no because it was for Brady's lunch the next day. Wasn't five minutes later that I was sitting on my bed and I look up to find her quietly leaning against the door eating the friggin' lunchable. Me: "Who gave that to you??!!!!!" Cate: "My Carter and it's goooood". Just standing there rubbing it in my face that she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants. This is going to be my biggest battle because she plays them so well, but miracles do happen. Please pray for me.

Problem #3-*too much tv* I will take the blame for this one. About four weeks ago I said that I wished Cate would actually sit down to watch tv. I longed for just thirty minutes of her being calm so I could get some stuff done. Well, my wish was granted. Had I known, I would have wished for her to crap money rather than wasting it on stupid tv Now all she wants to do is watch tv. "Dora the Splorer" is her favorite. She doesn't want to leave the house, or eat, or sleep....nothing. Just lay on the back of the couch (often naked) and watch tv. It's driving me crazy.

Those are my top three priorities for this round of O.C.S.. Yes, my mission seems impossible, but there is one person in this house that is more stubborn than Cate and that is her mama. May the best woman win :)
And even though Ms. Trouble is often, well, trouble, there are plenty of things that she does that amaze me and make my life a little easier. My current top five: 1-she can open the sliding car door by herself (not using the automatic button), climb into her carseat and buckle herself in 2-open the front door to let Murphy in when he's ready 3-refill her sippy cup using the fridge front water/ice dispenser (LOVE THIS) 4-"read" through the dvd's, find the one she wants, put it in the dvd player, fast forward through the credits, and start her show before bed each night. It's really a beautiful thing. 5-fully dress herself...shirt, pants, socks and shoes. And she's completely finished with pacifiers. DONE. I never realized how much better life is without "dinkys". (That may seem like overkill, but I've been dealing with them for the last 13 years!!)

So, here goes nothing. I'll update often....

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Jen said...

Freaking hilarious! Good luck!