Saturday, November 13, 2010

Run Like A Girl

Well, for me, it's more 'run like a dying woman'....cause that's mostly how I feel when I run. Today, I ran my second Girl.s on the Run 5k. My first, this past May, was the first "race" I've ever participated in. I started running in March basically to get the hell out of the house at night. Homework and bath time is often ridiculous around here....seriously, if I choose to run rather than help with homework, you know it has to be bad. Anyhoo, one of the soccer moms on Carter's team had started running races and I asked her how she got started...she recommended the to 5k program and I decided to give it a shot. I mentioned it to Brady's preschool teacher(an avid runner) and she peer-pressured me into signing up for the GOTR race. I then peer pressured a few other ladies into it and there was no turning back :) A handful of 5k's and one 10k later (where, btw, Candi and I kicked butt), and I think I'm on the verge of becoming a "real" runner. I average 20 miles a week and am hoping to run a half marathon next year (which, once again, I'm peer pressuring Candi into doing with me).
"are my kids still chasing me?"....true motivation :) Brady finds this shirt hilarious!
This fall, I was the asst. coach for Worthen schools Gi.rls on the Run. It's a program for third to fifth grade girls that helps promote healthy habits, self-esteem, and positive behavior. This is a picture from todays race at Forest Park. It was brutally cold and windy but the girls did fantastic!!!
I keep all of my race bibs on the door of my desk. I write my official time on the back so I can see progress being made :) I'm down eight minutes from my first race!

Can't wait for Catie Bug to start running with me. The race bibs will look so cute pinned onto her Minnie Mouse jammies!!

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Jen said...

Can't say it enough - SO SO proud of you!