Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Wild Weekend

Let's soccer games, baseball practice, holiday parade, 5k race, and Mouse Races. Busy, yes. But, it's also the last weekend for outdoor soccer....YAY!! Things should calm down around here for awhile...well, except for the whole Christmas holiday thing.

7:30am Saturday morning. I'm never up this early...never! We took this before my 5k race. It was a very cold run, but I survived!

Holiday Parade

Cate loved all of the characters that walked by and gave them high-5's. Dora was her favorite!

The arrival of Santa marked the end of the parade and the beginning of the season!

Uncle Josh, Scott, and Craig at the mouse races. It was a fundraiser for Ben and Brady's baseball teams. First time we've ever been and it was really a lot of fun.

Scott had too many beers AND stayed up past 10pm. I told you it was a wild weekend!!!

Don't adjust your screen, yes Carter's new soccer shoes are bright pink. And the most expensive shoes he's ever owned. Did I mention they're pink?? Yeah, I find it weird too.

Bennett has decided he wants to be a goalie. We assumed it's because it requires very little running, but he surprised us all when he played great! Really great! And he loves it :)

Tomorrow is Monday and with that starts Operation Cate Smallie...big changes are coming (wish me luck)! Stay tuned.....

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