Monday, June 21, 2010

3v3 Soccer

This weekend, Carter played in the KSHE- 3v3 soccer tournament in Collinsville. His team name was BEASTLY BOYS...clever, eh? Their original choice was "Sexy Beasts", but besides being a complete misrepresentation, we didn't think some parents would appreciate it :) It was so hot out at the fields but the boys did great and had a blast. I designed the shirts, thankyouverymuch
Carter scored four goals :)
During the games, Ben and Brady and some of the other siblings played their own soccer game...shirts vs. skins
The very best of friends...Carter, Zack, and Logan

Check out these pictures from their first 3v3 tournament 6 years ago!!!Carter & Zack

Logan & Carter
Future Beastly Boys...Bennett, Hunter, and Brady

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