Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grant's Farm

On Tuesday, we took the kids to Grant's Farm. All four kids. Yep, even Carter went. Scott's mom, grandma, Aunt Fran, and Reece joined us...we had so much fun! The rain also joined us. Lots and lots of rain. We were soaked, but still got to see all of the animals, feed the goats, ride the carousel, and watch the elephant show. A very successful day!
Looking at the Clydesdale's in their stalls


Diva Girl...she loves this hat :)

I haven't gotten a picture of all four kids together in forever!

Cate and Reece loved looking for animals during the tram ride through the park

Bennett, Cate, Reece, Brady, & Carter

These goats were vicious!


Carter got sprayed in the face with milk from the goats bottle!

Cooling off in the misting sprinkler....literally minutes before the downpour hit!

When it started raining, we were sitting under a canopy of trees and staying very dry. Slowly, the raining started closing in and before we could take cover, we were drenched!

Who doesn't love a summer rain shower?!

Filling their bellies while waiting for the rain to pass

After the first storm :) we were able to watch the elephant show

Carter was chosen from the audience to race the elephant in blowing up a balloon. The elephant won.

This creek at the entrance to Grant's Farm was bone dry when we got there. It rained hard!!!

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Looks like so much fun!