Saturday, June 12, 2010

Butterfly House

On Friday, we took Brady and Cate to Faust Park and the Butterfly House. Bennett spent the night at Keaton's Thursday night and was staying there all day Friday and Carter had two friends spend the night and they went to swim practice/McD's/and back to the pool. So, it was just the four of us. How easy is just two kids??!!! I mean, come on, where's the challenge in that?!

Those ducks were very "people friendly". They didn't run away when Cate tried to grab them.

Conversation I overheard while sitting on a bench watching the kids play

Mom #1: "That little girl has the most beautiful blond hair"
Mom #2 "Oh, that must be the dad" (I love that..."the" dad)
Mom #3. "I bet people always tell them 'my kids used to have hair that color', but really, NO ONE has hair that color"
I found this very amusing and so true!

Waiting for her turn on the carousel

Entrance to the Butterfly House

Cate loved all of the butterflies flying around. It was so humid in there.

Brady thought the display of cocoon's was a little gross.

Scott and I were in deep conversation when a woman approached us and commented on how coordinated and fearless Cate is to climb the ladder by herself. Uh oh. Red flag. Where is Cate??
Almost to the top of the ladder before we found her. Scott was freaking out!!! She was too far up for Scott to grab her and Brady ran to the top to help her with the last step. I was impressed :)

Yay! One more thing to cross off our summer list!!

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