Friday, June 25, 2010

A Swimming Success!

Move over Michael Phelps. Last night was our first swim meet of the season. I was so was Brady's first meet. This is Carter's 8th year on the team...I had to do the math on that four times because I can't believe it's been that long. Brady started off this season not quite sure he wanted to do it...and then it was "I'm only going three days a week"..but once he conquered his fear of backstroke, he was totally into it. He swims in the 6 & under age group and Bennett in the 8 & under. However, because Brady rocks, Coach C put him in all 8U races...and all against Bennett. This is what made me nervous. Brady beating Bennett in a race would have sent Ben over the edge and no one wants to witness that. Turns out it was a super successful night for all three boys....Carter ended up with two firsts and three seconds...Bennett three firsts and one second...and Brady one first, one second, one fourth and he was exhibition in the backstroke.

His dive may need a little work....

Chillin' in the bullpen waiting for their events

Walking up to the blocks for the very first time :)

Cutest. Tan-Line. Ever.

Racing against one another in backstroke....they kinda look alike ;)

At practice, I only see Carter doing handstands, flips in the water, and never quite giving 100%....I was pleasantly surprised at his performance during the race. He did really great!

Lined up and waiting to cheer Carter on

"Swimmers Take Your Mark"

"GO!" This was 25 meter Freestyle...Bennett placed 1st and Brady 4th (out of 26 swimmers!)

Carter hates this picture...he was "sticking his stomach out like santa" but I love it~

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