Thursday, February 28, 2013

roadtrip...sort of

We spent last weekend at the lake, this time to celebrate Cate, BauBau, and Grammy's birthdays.  Yes, we are still celebrating Cate's birthday.  Brady had two basketball games early Saturday morning and he decided he wanted to stay to play, so we sent Bennett and Cate with Grammy and BauBau Friday and we drove down Saturday after the games.  (Carter chose not to go with us this time)  I didn't think Cate would actually go overnight without know, because she has only spent one day away from us in the last five years...but she jumped in Grammy's car and never looked back.  Scott, however, got all teary eyed and before they were even out of the driveway, he declared Cate is never going away to college.  Brady was pretty sad about not going with them (even though he was the one who insisted on playing in the basketball games...which I tried really hard to talk him out of) so we took him and his buddy Jack out to dinner and to the highschool basketball game.  We made it to the lake around 1:00 Saturday so we didn't miss out on too much fun  :)  We had a great time and it was just the relaxing family fun that we needed before highschool baseball season starts!

hanging out on the couch while Mike and Fran entertained Cate :)

Bennett was trying to catch a tan

Bennett and I hung out like this a lot!

Ice Ice Baby!  It was super slick

Scott decided the "best" option would be for the kids to slide down the hill towards the lake and he would grab them before they got too close.  Dear Mom, I tried to stop him.  Me, Elaine, and BauBau watched from the bathroom window!

They were racing down that hill!!  I have the best video of Scott barely grabbing Brady but I snorted in it, so until I figure out how to erase the sound, I won't share it!

We played LOTS of games.  Uno, Charades, Dice, Apples to Apples...and BauBau won every game.  She was ruthless!  Brady was so frustrated by the end of the night that I thought poor BauBau was going to have to sleep with one eye open!! 

Another birthday celebration for Cate with more cake and gifts??  Of course :)

BauBau buys the craziest gifts!!!


Charades....the kids loved playing this.  Cate was actually really good at it.  Brady was not.  And Fran, let's just say she struggled. Wish I had her trampoline impression on video.

Cate slept with me in the yellow room and Scott slept with the boys in the "dorm".  I don't remember why, but I'm sure Grammy was happy to get her whole bed to herself! She didn't have to fall asleep with the Disney Channel on or listen to Cate talking in her sleep :)

Everyone went swimming Sunday morning, but Ben wanted to stay home, so I chose to stay back and "supervise" him. Read five magazines...woot!
 We did some shopping before we packed up to head home.  I love the Adidas-Nike-Under Armor trifecta...they have the best deals.
"Little Scotty" showing how awesome he can jump in his new shoes. That's what his grandma calls him.  He's her favorite.  If she saw him eyeing something in a store, she would snatch it up and buy it.  Spoiled!

Told you they had good deals at the outlet mall!

Already looking forward to our next trip! 
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