Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cate's Day

To celebrate Cate's birthday (a day early), Scott took a personal day off work today and we took her to American Girl for lunch...and to pick out a few gifts.  Just the three of us.  I think Cate loved being the only child for a few hours and we loved having her all to ourselves!
American Girl was pretty empty which turned out to be good and bad.  Good because Cate got LOTS of attention from everyone and bad because Cate got maybe TOO MUCH attention from everyone.  Scott asked me if the employees worked on commission because they were all over us while we were shopping.  But being the great shopper that Cate is, she was able to shake off all the sticker, cards, and other trinkets offered and chose her doll and accessories.  She has four Bitty Babies but this time she wanted a big doll.  I was really surprised that she chose the Girl of the Year, Saige...I thought for sure she would pick doll #22, the light skin, blond hair, blue eyed doll.  After studying the catalog for weeks and walking the store for 30 minutes, she made her mind up and Saige it was! 
Saige, Cate, and Phoebe #1 (her original doll from MauMau for her 1st birthday...they are all named Phoebe!)  Aunt Fran gave Cate and Phoebe #1 matching birthday outfits :)
Scott looks thrilled, right?  Thank goodness the food is REALLY good and they had Diet Coke for him :)  He was a good sport but did repeat the phrase "this is a racket" at least ten times!
The Bistro staff surprised us with a chocolate sundae "on them".  Holla!  Our waitress even called the kitchen staff out to sing to Cate.  She was very spoiled by everyone in the store. 
Cate had a few bites and Scott was more than willing to finish it off for her

Just as we were about to pass the exit for the zoo, Scott decided we stop in to see the Sea Lions and ride the carousel.  Very spontaneous and dangerous decision (you know, crossing four lanes of traffic and barely making the exit on two wheels) ...super fun!
Cate appreciated this last minute surprise trip!
The sea lions played with Cate for the longest time.  Everytime she put her hand to the glass, they would swim up and "kiss" her hand.  Very cool :)
This lonely guy was happy to see Cate too

Playing vet in the Children's Zoo
Everytime we're here, she has to fill those bowls with the fake food and feed the sheep.  Today, the chickens were nesting and none too happy to see her.  She didn't let them stop her though
It was such a great trip through the zoo.  We only saw about 10 other people the entire time we were there (other than staff who were taking advantage of a mild winter day to prep for spring).  Again, Cate got lots of attention from the employees who seemed very happy to see zoo visitors.  It was really neat to have the entire zoo to ourselves...and all of the animals were out and very active. Great idea Scott!
This is Cate's new AG horse.  He's almost twice as big as Murphy.  Everytime Scott has walked into the living room tonight, he's yelped and said "Damn, I thought that was another dog"  Like six times he's done this.  SIX! 

Tomorrow is Cate's official birthday and then Saturday is her party.  Bennett told me he was ready for it to be over so I can start focusing on his April birthday :)

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Susannah said...

Happy birthday to Cate! American Girl Dolls are such special presents!