Thursday, February 21, 2013

hoop it up

Last night Brady's basketball team played during halftime at the SIUe boys basketball game.  He had a soccer game at 5:00 and then the basketball game started at 7:00.  Half of his soccer team plays on his basketball team and the other half played against them.  Fun stuff!!  As usual, Brady had the biggest cheering section :)  My parents, Grammy, Fran, and Bau Bau joined us and even Carter!

They look thrilled, right?!
Braden, Nathan, and Brady pre-game
Is this a reflection of Carter's future college years or what?!

Always a little smirk on his face :)
eddie, Fwannie, and Cate
She was very tired by the end of the game!

Post-game photo-op (Carter left after halftime with my parents)

We had a really great time at the game and I'm glad his coach (probably more like coach's wife!) set it up.  This was the first college basketball game we've taken the kids to and they all had a fun time....even though Bennett was a bit disappointed that it wasn't as loud and wild as a Duke game!!!

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