Wednesday, February 6, 2013

cut it up

Brady got a much needed haircut tonight.  Actually, all three boys got their haircut.  I always feel like I need to send Gwen a case of wine the day before their appointment.  My boys do not lack self confidence and after each of them receives their new-do, they spend lots of time admiring themselves in the mirrors and telling everyone how awesome they look.  Gwen thinks it's funny...I find it annoying.  I think I'm immune to their charm during the winter months...too much togetherness  ;)
And this child just walks right into the salon and makes himself at home.

Can't. Sit. Still.  EVER.
But he does look sooooo much better after his buzz.  That shaggy hair was growing wings and I could take it no more!!!

Cate and I get ours cut Friday.  I hope it's a much calmer experience!

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