Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Someone is having a big birthday this week!  She has always said she will never turn 5 (apparently it's all downhill after five), but I guess she realized no five = no party = no gifts.  We have a fun week planned...Gus' pretzels for her class, American Girl, Texas Roadhouse, Bass ProShops (she wants a new fishing pole!), and we'll finish it off with a birthday bash!

Her wish list consists of a real unicorn, a real pony, and an American Girl doll and horse.  Scott took a personal day Thursday so we can have lunch and shop at American Girl (his vision of hell).  I told him we must have a financial game plan before we walk in the store because this day could go in two totally different directions and we need control of the situation before it all goes to hell.  Let me explain:

Example A:  (Scott) "Sure Cate, you can have two big dolls and you want a horse too?  Ok, the picture here shows this girl riding a horse, so we'll get that too.  Oh, and a riding outfit for the doll?  Ok, that sounds good.  But what about this soccer outfit?  And the gymnastics one since you do both?"  See where this is headed? Yeah, to a four-figure receipt.  Yikes. You should see him in ToysRUs at Christmas

Example B:
 Me: "Cate, which doll are you looking for?  Do you want an extra outfit for her?"
Scott: "$26 for a dolls dress?  Are you kidding me?"
Me: Cate do you want the Girl of the Year Doll or the doll that looks like you?"
Scott: "$129 for a doll?  And she already has four at home???"
Me: Cate, did you choose the horse that you want?
Scott: (getting louder and clearly more agitated) "$94 for a small stuffed horse?  This is crazy!!!"
Me: (was hoping not to lose my cool while enjoying a relaxing bday treat with Cate, but nutso has sent me over the ledge) "Listen, you spend no less than $250 on each of your three sons baseball bats every season.  The buckets of bats in our garage right now is worth more than my car.  This doesn't even include the hundreds you spend on catchers mitts, first base gloves, pitching gloves, baseball cleats, uniforms, tournament shirts (the list could have gone on for hours) and in the last week I have written over $900 in fees for baseball and soccer and that's not even half of what is owed.  So, if Cate, who is dragged around to every practice and game 5 nights a week wants an AG doll and horse for her birthday, then that's what she's getting!!!
Scott: Fine but I'm waiting in the car.

Anxious to see which Scott Smallie shows up to shop!

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