Saturday, February 9, 2013

party like you're five.

We had some of our favorite people over tonight to celebrate Cate!  As of last night at 9pm, I still hadn't decided on a menu, and thankfully Jerry's cafeteria was able to whip up 50 pieces of chicken and twice-baked potatoes last minute.  Why do I do this to myself??  Anyhoo, Cate chose a 'unicorn and rainbows' theme for her decor which is very fitting considering her life is "soooo magical".  Ahhh to be a five year old princess.....
I only took about ten pictures the entire party.  Wish I would have gotten some of our families....I'll have to do that at the next party.

Obviously Cate chose this dress and has worn it everyday since.  And don't you just love excessive use of hair clips and headbands??  ME NEITHER. 

Uncle Josh and Lauren scored major points with a Merida costume and doll! (Wish they could have joined us!)

Shy girl?!

 Another celebration down and one more to go.  We are heading to the lake this weekend because Cate asked Frannie if she could have a birthday party at the lake and Fairy Godmother Frannie always grants her her wishes :)  We are also going to celebrate Grammy and BauBau's birthdays! 

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