Thursday, December 22, 2011


A day in the life

It all started at 7:00am. 3 hours earlier than I'd like. Hadley and Tyler came over at 7:30 and then the fun started. Got the boys up, packed their lunches and sent them walking to school at 8:15. Got Cate up and we took her to school at 8:45. Ok, who am I kidding, it was more like 8:55 (school starts at 8:45 but we are NEVER on time). Walk into school and notice that everyone is wearing pajamas. Whoops, teacher forgot to give me a monthly calendar with pj day notification on it. Cate, in a quiet little squeaky voice with very sad blue eyes, asked me if I would run home and get her jammies. Of course I did. Loaded Hadley back in the van and headed home. Hadley fell asleep. Back at school, I had to change Cate in a bathroom stall while holding a sleeping baby (Hadley rocks the "transfer" while sleeping too...only this time it was not so great!) Had to do all kinds of Matrix moves in order to help Cate get changed without anything dropping on the bathroom floor, including Hadley. Sent a very happy Cate back to class and went home. Since Hadleys nap was already half over at that point, I only got a few things done before we had to go back and pick Cate up. Straight from school, we went to Scott's classroom for a meeting with the districts Josten's yearbook representative...did I mention I'm creating Coolidge Middle School's yearbook? Don't ask. After meeting, grabbed lunch and headed home. Laundry, dishes, and Hadley finally took her second nap at 2:00. Jill picked her up at 2:45...right as the boys walked in. Bennett handed me a Christmas gift he made in class and as I was pulling it from the bag, I dropped it and it shattered. Break. My. Heart. and Pissed. Ben. Off. Ugh. My nephew came over at 3:30 and as soon as Scott walked in the door, we walked right back out to do some shopping. Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, 3.5 hours of shopping and finally at 10:15 we arrived back home. So here I am, anxiously awaiting my sleeping pills to kick in. Holy crap, I'm tired! Tomorrow morning, I'm back at it early to finish up a few things (by myself!!) and then I'm going to sit back and enjoy the holiday!

Thanks Candi for taking these great pictures of Cate playing in her classroom!

A football playing princess. How could it be any other way?!

Digging for money to pay for her goods :)

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